10 Luxurious Travel Destinations


10 Luxurious Travel Destinations10 Luxurious Travel Destinations

10 Luxurious Travel Destinations to Help You Relax in Style.

These destinations are some of the most luxurious in the world. If you have the means to travel in style, these destinations will make it worth the extra cost. Whether it’s a secluded beach resort located next to a sandy beach, or a luxury hotel in the middle of a bustling city, we have a destination for everyone.

1. Big Island, Hawaii

big island luxury destination

The Four Seasons Hualalai resort

The Big Island is the newest Hawaiian Island…it’s so new that it’s still volcanically active. It’s the biggest Hawaiian island (hence the name ‘Big Island’) and yet it’s sparsely populated. If you want to truly get away, this is one of the best places on Earth.
But that doesn’t mean you need to give up your creature comforts. There are several luxury resorts on the Island that offer world-class service on this remote island. Several resorts, such as the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort, offer 5 star service. With a famous golf course, several high end dining options, and a spa, you’ll be in the lap of luxury…in the middle of nowhere.
The best part of a resort like the Four Seasons is that you can hop in a jeep and go to one of several secluded sandy beaches where you’ll be entirely alone. If you drive south for 20 minutes you’ll be in Kona, a small town that has lots of local shops, along with Costco, Walmart and Macys.
The Four Seasons is also where Megan Fox got married in 2010. If its good enough for world famous celebrities, it’s good enough for you, right?

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2. London, England

kipling suite browns hotel

The “Kipling Suite” in Brown’s Hotel in London.

You knew that a list of ‘luxury’ destinations would involve Europe, didn’t you? London is known for being an expensive place to eat, sleep and eat. There’s a reason: the city has tons of centuries old attractions to make you feel that you’re going back in time.

For staying in London, you can go one of two routes: you can stay at a high end, modern hotel like The Metropolitan by Como, a new hotel located next to Hyde Park and the temporary home of world-travelling jet-setters. Or you can stay in the ‘old-money’ hotels: places like Brown’s. “The Jungle Book” author Rudyard Kipling stayed at Brown’s, and now they have a suite named after him. It’s the fusion of old-world charm and contemporary luxury. These older luxury hotels have the added advantage of having lots of history connected to them. You can hear the attendants and bartenders tell stories of great things that happened there.

The only downside is the food. And British coffee tastes….well, I understand why tea took over there.

3. Dubai

Burj Al Arab - luxury hotel destinations

The city itself is an architect’s dream. Looking like a future science fiction landscape, Dubai’s boasts one of the most distinctive skylines in the world. Not only that, but all the hotels are brand new, distinctive, and are competing for your attention. The ‘jewel’ of Dubai, as it were is the “Burj Al Arab”, which calls itself the ‘most luxurious hotel in the world”. What makes it the most luxurious? We could go into a list. But here’s an example of the services they offer: an optional chauffeur-drive Rolls Royce.

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4. Paris, France

hotel le meurice
Aside from all of the United States combined, Paris is the most popular destination for tourists. Despite this, Paris manages to exude class, sophistication and luxury. The most ‘luxury’ of the luxury hotels has to be the Hotel Le Meurice.

Among the amenities of Le Meurice is a spa, soundproof rooms (hint, hint!), classic-decor, and a restaurant inspired by the “Salon de la Paix of the Château de Versailles”. The idea is that this hotel evokes the time of the great French aristocracy of the past. It’s also located next to some of the greatest buildings in world history. The Louvre museum is 600 metres away, and the Champs-Elysées is a five minute walk away.

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5. Vancouver, Canada

luxury vancouver fairmont pacific rim
People are surprised to find that Vancouver is the fourth most visited city in the world, just behind Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. The large Chinese-born population (approximately 33% of the population) makes this city a popular destination for Asian tourists as well as North Americans and Europeans. The city has a strong ‘Asia-Pacific’ feel to it in its architecture. High-end travellers have no shortage of activities here.

Vancouver gets a bad rap because of the rainy winter months. But in the spring, summer and early autumn that rain translates into a lush, green city that’s among the most beautiful in the world. And if you do happen to visit in the winter, then the Whistler ski slopes are just over an hour away.

The Vancouver airport is frequently voted as one of the most beautiful. Hotels like the Fairmont Pacific Rim and River Rock are sleek, modern and have every amenity you can imagine. Seaplane tours are a great way to view the Rocky mountain ranges, and there is no shortage of hikes and other outdoorsy activities that get you closer to nature.

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And the Rest:

6. Gold Coast, Australia

7. Wailea, Maui

8. New York, New York

9. Malibu, California

10. Tokyo, Japan