Family Friendly Beaches

kamaole beach sands maui

The Best Family Friendly Beaches in Hawaii

kamaole beach sands maui
When travelling with young ones, there are a few extra considerations when choosing which beach to visit. Firstly, you want a beach with a calm surf, easy access to restrooms, lifeguards, clean water and shower stations.
Each Hawaiian island has dozens of beautiful white sand beaches, but factors like rough surf, jagged lava rock and deep water means that not every beach there is 100% friendly for every member of the family. And since families tend to be on tight budgets, please enjoy this website’s promotional offers to help you save some money on your trip to Hawaii.

Here they are, broken down by each island:


Kama’ole Beach Park III (pictured above)

This is one of three Beach Parks alongside the small town of Kihei. The island of Lanai protects the area from any rough surf. If you’re staying in Kihei then it’s a quick 2 minute walk to the Beach, which is convenient. Lots of tour groups offer stand up paddle and kayak lessons in the area because it is so calm. The white sand beach is soft, there are lots of restroom and shower stations to rinse off after a dip.
There is a little bit of snorkeling for you and the older kids, although there are better places on the island if you want the good stuff.

Warning: Beware the trade winds. At around 12pm the trade winds pick up and don’t calm down until around 3pm. The sand blasting in your face isn’t pleasant, so try and get to the beach early (it gets really hot by 9pm in Kihei) and try to finish up by 11:30pm.

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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

 family friendly beaches

It’s a cliche, but you can’t beat the amenities: lots of restrooms, close parking, white sandy beaches and lifeguards on duty at all times. There are waves, but you have to go pretty far out to start feeling them. If your young ones stay at the shore, they’ll have a great time building sand castles and splashing around.
There is also a nearby zoo within walking distance for the kids.

Tip: if there’s anything to worry about at Waikiki Beach, it would be theft. It’s a very busy location with lots of people coming and going. So make sure you keep you valuables locked up (preferably in your car or hotel room).

The Big Island (Hawaii)

Anaehoomalu Beach

Don’t try to pronounce it. The Bay is world famous for its palm-beach sunsets (most tropical sunsets you see are of this place). Located about one hour north of Kona, Anaehoomalu Beach is a long, sandy beach with lots of courtesy beach chairs already laid out (courtesy of the Marriot hotel next door). There are restrooms, shower stations, and concession stands to get shaved ice. There’s also a very historic fish pond that the kids would defiinitely get a kick out of.