Planning a Stag Weekend Abroad


Tips for Planning a Stag Weekend Abroad

Planning a Stag Weekend Abroad
When most people think of stag parties, they think of going to Vegas. 2009’s ‘The Hangover’ may have something to do with propagating that belief. But the trouble with a Vegas stag party is that it’s pretty much the same. Some people don’t like drinking and going to clubs. What if you want to go on an adventure with your best buds? Swim in the ocean? Travel to a place you’ve never been before? What we’re trying to say is this:

Vegas is cliche.

These locations offer unique, unforgettable experiences that you and your buds will never forget. Whether it’s exotic cultures, sunny beaches or going on adventurous hikes, these places will give you memories to last a life time. When someone asks you what you did for your Stag Weekend, you’ll have a better answer than this one word reply: “Vegas”. If you’ll be needing a vehicle for your stag weekend then check out these deals for rates as low as $9.95 a day.

1. Montreal

montreal stag weekend
I’m going to get this one out of the way because Montreal isn’t technically ‘abroad’. But just a couple hours drive north of Maine you get a completely unique culture that feels like nothing else on Earth.

Montreal has French and English speaking districts. But the culture itself has veered from France into a more relaxed, party friendly culture. Hit up St. Laurent Boulevard or St. Catherine St. East for a bustling nightlife with beautiful french girls.

For the daytime, there is the world famous “Musee de la Civilisation de Quebec” as well as the “Parc du Mont-Royal“. There are tons of hiking, paddling, and (if you visit in the winter) tobogganing and snow-shoeing.

2. Dublin

stag weekend abroad - dublin

Dublin has changed.

This isn’t your grandpa’s Dublin. Thanks to Google and Yahoo setting up offices in Dublin, part of the city has become a Silicon Valley across the Atlantic. Several new modern neighbourhoods make the city look futuristic.

But Dublin still knows how to party.

The city still boasts all the classic pubs they are known for. The pubs and hotels are all centrally located in Dublin which makes it easy to get around on foot. Everybody in Dublin is relaxed, and looking to have a great time. And did we mention the Irish girls?….

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3. Ibiza

ibiza island stag weekend

This is one of the only ‘G Rated’ pictures of Ibiza.

Located in the Mediterranean just off the coast of Spain is a small island called Ibiza. Ibiza is famous for its nightlife, its sandy beaches, its beautiful hotels and beautiful women. It’s an autonomous region of Spain, so you can use Euros here as currency. This combines everything that is great about a stag weekend: beautiful women, lots of sun, sand, and a bustling nightlife. Vegas can even compare….

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4. Tenerife

The most populated of the seven Canary islands (off the coast of Africa), Tenerife is known for its densely packed nightlife. Hotels, clubs, and beaches are all located within a 20 minute radius. It’s definitely a place where you could truly go wild with your buds and still stand a good chance of getting back to your hotel unscathed.

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