One Stop Place for Info About Activities in Hawaii


One Stop Place for Info About Activities in Hawaii

one stop place for info about activities in hawaii
I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been to Hawaii who says that they don’t want to go. It’s one of those experiences you just have to have once in your lifetime. It’s an immensely beautiful place that has a way of relaxing even the most stressed out of people.

But if you don’t know much about Hawaii, planning a trip can be difficult. First off, there are four major Hawaiian Islands:

  • Oahu – This is the most populated island, with Honolulu and Waikiki shores. The Waikiki strip is heavily packed with hotels and tour buses. It’s also very much an American city, with freeways and suburbs. If you’re looking for a genuinely Hawaiian experience, getting outside of the Strip might be your best bet.
  • Maui – Maui doesn’t have any major cities, but almost the entire island is devoted to tourism. There are plenty of resort hotels for those who like that kind of thing. There’s also small condos you can rent inside towns if you want a more ‘local’ experience.
  • Kauai – The oldest of the islands and the most ‘far-away’ from civilization. A hurricane in 1993 devastated a lot of the infrastructure, which led to the locals ‘taking back the island’. There’s plenty of condos you can take residence in and hang out on the beaches. But this is a very slow island with not much going on. It’s also one of the rainiest parts of the world, so be careful which part of the island you decide to visit.
  • Hawaii (Big Island) – The largest island is still the most rustic. The island is still volcanically active, which scares away some developers. The large mountains and uncrowded beaches are great for the outdoorsy types, and there’s also Costco and Walmart in town for those creature comforts.

If there is one place that can help you sort out exactly what you want to do, it’s They have tons of activities all sorted by which island you want to visit. Want to swim with sharks? (seriously) There’s an attraction on Oahu for that. Want to hike a large canyon? The ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ on Kauai.
Want to visit world famous observatories and go on a stargazing tour? Big Island.

They also have bulk discounts and better pricing than websites like Expedia. They work directly with the local tour companies to offer better/more accurate rates.

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